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The Ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease: Dr. Prischmann’s Personal Experience

Dr. Jess PrischmannAlzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia affect millions of Americans. These terrible conditions rob individuals of their memories, as well as the ability to perform simple day-to-day tasks and to make decisions about their own care.

Dr. Jess Prischmann has been personally touched by the devastation of watching a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and the impossible choices faced by family members. In the January/February 2016 edition of the journal Minnesota Medicine, Dr. Prischmann recounts the experience she had with her grandmother and the turmoil involved with deciding what to do in a situation where the person who is ill cannot make her own choices about the future of her care.

Dr. Prischmann’s essay offers an interesting look, from both a doctor’s and a loved one’s perspective, at an issue that has tragically affected far too many people across the globe. Please take a moment and read the full article to learn about Dr. Prischmann’s personal story and what she feels is necessary when it comes to decisions about end-of-life care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

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