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Dr. Jess Prischmann and her advanced practice esthetician, Amy Nelson, will soon be offering the latest advancement in skin rejuvenation, called BBL HERO™. This state-of-the-art technology will be the first of its kind, and will be able to improve global signs of skin aging. BBL HERO™ is minimally-invasive, non-ablative, and does not have downtime.

What is BBL HERO™?

BBL HERO™ (High Energy Rapid Output) is the latest advancement in pulsed light (often referred to as “IPL” or “BBL™”) technology and represents the fastest, most powerful device of its kind on the market. BBL HERO™ technology has the ability to treat the entire body with four times the speed, three times the peak power, and two times the cooling capacity. Experts are saying that it is the “most significant advance in pulsed broad-spectrum light in 20 years.”

How does it differ from traditional BBL™?

The main differences between BBL HERO™ and traditional BroadBand Light™ therapy are:

What are the benefits of BBL HERO™?

What areas can be treated with BBL HERO™?

When will BBL HERO™ be available?

We will be among the first places in the world to offer BBL HERO™. We anticipate being able to offer this procedure to our patients in September 2020.

How much will BBL HERO™ cost?

BBL HERO™ will be slightly more expensive than traditional BBL™/IPL procedures. Because this is such a new technology, we don’t have the full cost details finalized just yet.

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