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What is Dermaplaning? 

Dermaplaning is a no-downtime treatment performed by an aesthetician to improve the surface texture of your skin. A sterile surgical blade is gently passed over the face at a 45 degree angle, removing vellus hair and the outermost layer of the skin (called the stratum corneum). Dermaplaning can result in a smooth texture to your skin. As an added bonus, dermaplaning improves the penetration of your skincare products!

Who can be treated?

Both women and men (in non-beard areas) can benefit from dermaplaning, and the treatment can be performed for most skin types. In cases of severe active acne, you should wait until your acne is under control to receive treatment.

Can my hair grow back more or with increased thickness?

No, this is impossible. Cutting hair cannot stimulate or alter how the hair grows from it’s root.

How often can I receive dermaplaning treatments?

Our skin cells turn over and replace themselves every 28 days. Therefore, optimum results are obtained when treated every 3-4 weeks. The same timeline applies when pairing with our chemical peel.

TIP: Schedule at least 2 weeks prior to weddings or events. 

Can I receive a chemical peel while dermaplaning?

Yes! We have a specially formulated chemical peel that is meant to be applied after dermaplaning treatments. Because of this dual exfoliation, you can expect heightened results with little to no downtime. 

Dermaplaning is a treatment that requires training and expertise. Not all blades are created equal. After testing most of the dermaplaning blades on the market, we identified ’the perfect blade.’ Once we found ‘the one,’  we sought additional training to perfect our technique. The result: an advanced dermaplaning procedure that leads to optimal results. The process taught me that, even after 16 years of experience, you never stop learning. We always strive to provide exceptional experiences for our patients.

– Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson & Jillian Anderson are licensed aestheticians who are trained and certified in dermaplaning. Interested in smoothing and rejuvenating your skin without removing hair? Schedule your consultation with Amy or Jillian today!