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Dysport® is an FDA-approved in-office injection designed to smooth out lines and wrinkles caused by muscle contractions on the face. As a competitor to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport® is a safe and effective product that gives very consistent and natural results. Our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jess Prischmann, personally performs all Dysport® injections at the practice. Using a “microdroplet” technique, she is able to give her patients natural results using the lowest possible dose of the drug.

What is Dysport®?

Dysport® is an FDA-approved drug that is intended to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive contraction of facial muscles. Dysport® works by relaxing facial muscles. Once these muscles relax, the overlying skin often appears smoother.

Dysport® is approved to treat frown lines in between the eyebrows. It can also be used “off-label” to treat forehead lines and crow’s feet. Dr. Prischmann has performed Dysport® injections for almost 10 years and has found the results to be natural and consistent.

Dr. Prischmann customizes Dysport® treatment for each patient’s unique needs, and uses advanced injection techniques to avoid a “frozen,” “heavy,” or “sad” appearance.

What can Dysport® do for me?

Dysport® can reduce signs of aging related to:

*Using Dysport® in areas other than the glabella is considered “off-label.”

Am I a candidate for Dysport®?

Individuals who typically qualify as good candidates for Dysport® include women and men who are in generally good health and have no diseases affecting muscles or nerves. Dysport® injections should not be performed on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Dysport® should also not be performed on anyone allergic to cow’s milk protein.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Prischmann will review your medical history and evaluate your needs and goals to determine whether Dysport® is right for you.

What is the difference between Dysport® and BOTOX® Cosmetic?

This is a very common question, and an understandable one; however, when it comes down to it, there are not many significant differences between these two injectables. Both contain the active ingredient Botulinum Toxin Type A and both are designed to relax muscle contraction. As far as differences are concerned, BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® each have unique inactive ingredients. Importantly, Dysport® contains lactose. Anyone allergic to lactose or cow’s milk protein should not have a Dysport® injection.

We sometimes hear patients say that result onset of Dysport® is a few days earlier than BOTOX® Cosmetic. Some patients feel that Dysport® gives a “softer” look. Dr Prischmann feels both Dysport® and BOTOX® Cosmetic are great products and often recommends that patients try both (but not at the same time) to see which product they prefer.

What does the Dysport® procedure involve?

Dr. Prischmann utilizes a very small needle to deliver “microdroplets” of the Dysport® solution directly into the areas targeted for treatment. This technique helps Dr. Prischmann to create natural-looking results that reduce the potential for a “frozen” appearance. To maximize your comfort during the Dysport® treatment, a topical anesthetic can be applied before the injections.

Depending on the number of areas being treated and the number of injections necessary, Dysport® procedures can often be completed in 15 minutes or less right here at our office.

What should I know about the Dysport® recovery process?

Dysport® typically does not require a recovery period. In fact, many patients choose to have Dysport® over their lunch hour, returning to normal daily routines immediately following the treatment. Patients may experience some injection site redness that resolves within minutes. Occasionally, a patient may have a small bruise that should fade within a couple of days, and can often be effectively covered with makeup.

What can I expect from the results of Dysport®?

The initial results of Dysport® can often be seen 48 hours after treatment; however, it can take seven to ten days for the full outcome to be apparent. During this period, we often have patients briefly return to our practice for a quick “touch-up” Dysport® treatment to ensure natural-looking results. Many patients experience the effects of Dysport® for approximately three to four months after the procedure. The duration of effects often depends on the dose of Dysport®. Dr. Prischmann starts with low doses but will increase the dose if the effects are not lasting three months or longer.

How much does Dysport® cost?

The total cost of Dysport® procedures at our practice typically falls in the $350 to $550 range; however, it is important to note that the overall price is completely dependent on each patient’s individual needs and goals. The most important factor that determines cost is the number of areas that need to be treated. This is because Dysport® is priced based on the total dose administered to the patient. Once Dr. Prischmann meets with you for an initial consultation and creates your customized treatment plan, she will go over the cost of the treatment. Patients often proceed with treatment the same day as the consultation. However, it is important to note that there is never any pressure to do so. We accept a variety of payment options, including CareCredit®, a medical and plastic surgery financing company.

What is Jeuveau™? How is Jeuveau™ different from Dysport®?

Jeuveau™ is a neurotoxin-based aesthetic injectable that launched in the US market in 2019. This treatment is FDA-approved to address frown lines and furrows between the eyebrows. Produced in South Korea and distributed by the US company Evolus™, Jeuveau™ has been used at our practice since it became available and we have found it to offer results that favorably compare to Dysport® and BOTOX® Cosmetic. We can talk more with you about all three of these options during your initial consultation and help you determine which may be the most ideal for your needs.

For more information on Dysport®, or to schedule a consultation to talk more about this treatment, please contact us today.