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Treatment options for red or brown skin discoloration on the face and neck depend mostly on diagnosing the underlying cause. Once the reason for skin discoloration is diagnosed, our team can help you decide which options are best for you. Other factors we take into consideration are downtime, cost, and the number of treatments required to achieve the desired result.

Redness/flushing from rosacea
BroadBand Light™, medical-grade skin care, control of rosacea “triggers”
Brown spots from sun damage
BroadBand Light™, HALO™ laser resurfacing, chemical peels, DiamondGlow™, medical-grade skin care
Red/Brown discoloration on the neck from Poikiloderma of Civatte
BroadBand Light™, HALO™ laser resurfacing
Brown spots from acne
Medical-grade skin care, DiamondGlow™, time to allow discoloration to fade and acne to heal
Red spots from acne
Forever Clear BBL™, Medical-grade skin care, time to allow discoloration to fade and acne to heal

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when discussing options for skin discoloration is the patient’s skin type/ethnicity. In general, lighter-skin patients with European ancestry do well with BroadBand Light™, lasers, and peels. In contrast, darker-skin patients with Indo/Pakastani or African ancestry do better with less invasive options, such as superficial chemical peels and medical-grade skin care. Lighter-skin patients with Asian ancestry also tend to be better candidates for chemical peels and skin care.

Regardless of skin type or the cause of discoloration, patients with uneven skin tone universally benefit from a comprehensive skin care plan. This is because good daily skin care practices can offer both prevention and treatment of discoloration.

We understand that skin discoloration is often a chronic issue that can be difficult emotionally. Dr. Prischmann and her advanced practice esthetician can guide you in your skin discoloration journey and help you determine a long-term management plan. Schedule your consultation today.