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For a patient with a small or recessed chin, an implant can completely transform the facial profile.

Who is a good candidate?

bna-sample Before
bna-sample After
bna-sample Before
bna-sample After

How is the procedure performed?

As an independent procedure, a chin implant is performed in an operating room under mild sedation. Prior to surgery, the style and size of implant are determined. A 2-centimeter incision is made under the chin in a natural crease. A “pocket” is created on top of the bone for the implant. The implant is then placed in the pocket and anchored into place with one or two sutures.

Dr. Jess Prischmann, our experienced facial plastic surgeon, prefers to use Implantech™ implants. There are many shapes and sizes of chin implants and this is discussed thoroughly during the consultation.

Chin implant procedures can be performed alone, or combined with submentoplasty (neck liposuction), rhinoplasty, or facelift.

What is the recovery?

A chin implant procedure is an outpatient surgery that is performed in an operating room and takes about an hour. Following surgery, the chin area is bandaged with surgical tape to limit swelling and bruising. Patients are placed on a soft diet for one week. It is important to limit movement of the chin area for the first few days to allow the implant to adhere in place.

On day 7, bandages and sutures are removed. Patients report swelling and some fatigue in the area for a few weeks after surgery. Chin implant surgery is not considered a painful procedure.

Dr. Jess Prischmann attended the
Masters Educational Series (MES)
course on “Advanced Techniques Using
Facial Implants” in Las Vegas in 2016.

If you would like more information on chin implant and chin augmentation procedures, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with our facial plastic surgeon, please contact Dr. Prischmann today.