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HALO hybrid fractional skin resurfacing is an advanced treatment for skin rejuvenation. HALO by Sciton is the first-of-its-kind hybrid fractional laser. Utilizing the power of two lasers in one, the HALO laser simultaneously does two things: 1) resurfaces the upper layers of the skin and 2) improves the clarity and health of the deeper layers of skin. Both lasers work to create an efficient laser treatment and effective skin rejuvenation. The result for most patients is smoother, clearer skin that is known to have a “HALO glow.”

Dr. Prischmann’s advanced practice esthetician is highly trained in HALO laser resurfacing. Amy Nelson has completed a preceptorship on HALO with Chris Robb, MD, a dermatologist and thought leader in this specialized treatment.

Who is a good candidate for HALO™ laser treatment?

The best candidates for HALO laser treatment are typically individuals who are:

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bna-sample After
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What are the benefits of HALO™ laser skin resurfacing?

In our experience, the greatest benefits of a HALO laser treatment include:

How is the HALO™ laser different from other types of laser treatments?

HALO treatments offer the benefits of deeper laser treatments without some of the drawbacks of deeper laser treatments. Compared to traditional full-field laser resurfacing, HALO procedures are:

Can the HALO™ laser treatment serve as a good alternative to surgery for mild to moderate signs of aging or other skin conditions?

This is a common question. Facial plastic surgery procedures can be great for repositioning sagging tissue and removing excess skin. HALO is great for improving the clarity and health of skin. This means that HALO does something that surgery doesn’t do, and vice versa. HALO is a great compliment to surgery and many of our facelift patients will have a HALO treatment before or after surgery for comprehensive rejuvenation. HALO does, however, replace many older, more painful laser treatments.

What does the HALO™ laser treatment involve?

First, we apply numbing cream for 60 minutes. Then, we remove the numbing cream thoroughly. We then begin the laser treatment; the settings used are customized for each patient’s individual goals and desires. During the laser treatment, you will experience burning discomfort. To help with the discomfort, we use a device that blows out very cold air, and we apply cool sterile gauze to the skin. The treatment typically takes 30 to 60 minutes depending on the areas treated.

Most patients see noticeable improvement with one treatment; however, sometimes two treatments lead to better results.

What can I expect during recovery from HALO™ laser skin resurfacing?

It always surprises us when we read information online about “no downtime” associated with HALO treatment. In our experience, this is very misleading. HALO is a “no downtime” treatment ONLY if the settings are very low. Our most common settings create about five to seven days of downtime. If a patient desires less downtime, we can decrease the settings; however, this will also decrease the eventual result.

It is also misleading to call this treatment “painless.” At typical settings, we feel that there is burning discomfort during and after the treatment. We say it is about a 4 out of 10 in terms of discomfort. Immediately after the treatment, it feels like you got a sunburn and then walked into a hot shower. The good news is that this discomfort abruptly resolves in about four hours. Most patients are able to tolerate this level of discomfort easily. Because the discomfort is very short-lived, many patients do not find it to be a deterrent for future treatments.

The day following a HALO treatment, most patients will experience swelling. This swelling can often be “distorting.” In other words, it looks very obvious and you will likely want to stay home. There is often 48 hours of swelling. The swelling is not painful. Once the swelling starts to subside, you may experience redness, itchiness, or light peeling. We provide all necessary wound care to help you get through this part of the healing process. By day 5 to 7 after HALO™ treatment, you are able to wear makeup and may start to see the “glow” that everyone raves about.

We typically see our patients back 4 to 6 weeks after HALO for a synergistic treatment called BroadBand Light™ (BBL™). There is no downtime associated with this procedure and it improves your eventual result. The cost of BBL™ is included in your HALO package.

How much does HALO™ laser skin resurfacing cost?

The average cost of a HALO laser treatment is $1,500. The cost can be less if more conservative settings are used. The cost can be greater if multiple areas are treated during the same session.

The cost of HALO includes the following:

What makes Prischmann Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery a great place for a HALO™ treatment?

If you have additional questions about HALO™ laser skin rejuvenation, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.