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Forever Clear BBL™ is an advanced technique that utilizes the powerful technology behind BroadBand Light™ to treat patients with acne. Forever Clear BBL™ can help patients achieve clearer skin while reducing their reliance on acne medications and daily skin creams. By directing light energy into the areas targeted for treatment, Forever Clear BBL™ can not only clear current breakouts, but also reduce the potential for flare-ups in the future.


What are the benefits of Forever Clear BBL™?

Forever Clear BBL™ treatment can be advantageous for both adults and teenagers consistently affected by acne on the face, neck, back, or other body areas. The treatment is non-invasive and typically requires no downtime. Forever Clear BBL™ is capable of clearing active breakouts, minimizing future breakouts, reducing the appearance of pores, and creating a more even skin tone.

What does the Forever Clear BBL™ treatment process involve?

The Forever Clear BBL™ procedure involves the use of a three-step BroadBand Light™ technique. First, blue light will be delivered into the skin to reduce acne-causing bacteria. Then, a different spectrum of light will be administered to the area to address redness and inflammation. Finally, a third spectrum of light will be used to stimulate natural healing processes in the skin, which can ultimately produce a clearer, healthier appearance.

Forever Clear BBL™ procedures are typically not uncomfortable, and most patients do not require a topical anesthetic during treatment. Additionally, patients often return to their normal daily activities immediately after the Forever Clear BBL™ procedure and do not need a period of recovery.

When are the results of Forever Clear BBL™ typically noticeable?

Forever Clear BBL™ treatments are performed every 2 weeks for a total of 6 treatments. It can take 3 or 4 treatments to begin to see the improvements associated with this procedure. Dr. Jess Prischmann and our Advanced Practice Esthetician, Amy Nelson, will examine your skin and determine how many Forever Clear BBL™ treatment sessions may be necessary for the best outcome. Occasional “touch-up” treatments in the future can help maintain the results.

How much does Forever Clear BBL™ cost?

The price of a single Forever Clear BBL™ treatment is $250.

Please contact our office today for additional information on Forever Clear BBL™ procedures, or to schedule a consultation.