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Treatment options for wrinkles on the face and neck depend mostly on the underlying cause. Once the reason for wrinkles is diagnosed, our team can help you decide which options are best for you. Other factors we take into consideration are downtime, cost, and the number of treatments required to achieve the desired result.

Loose skin or muscle
Repetitive muscle contraction (for example: crow’s feet, forehead lines, glabellar wrinkles/“11’s”)
BOTOX® Cosmetic, DAXXIFY™, & Dysport®
Sun damage/aging of the skin
HALO™ laser resurfacing, BroadBand Light™, full field laser resurfacing, chemical peels
Volume loss
Medical-grade skin care, DiamondGlow
Early skin aging
Medical grade skin care, chemical peels

Sometimes, wrinkles on the face can be caused by multiple factors. In that case, we often recommend combination treatments. Here are a few examples:

Facelift, followed by HALO™ laser resurfacing
Patients with looseness/laxity and sun damage
Patients who desire no or limited downtime
HALO™ laser resurfacing, followed by injectables
Patients looking to improve lipstick/smoker’s lines
Medical-grade skin care and BroadBand Light
Patients with sensitive skin/Patients with early skin aging/Patients looking to delay skin wrinkles

Regardless of the cause of wrinkles, we feel that patients universally benefit from a comprehensive skin care plan. This is because good daily skin care practices can prevent ongoing damage that contributes to skin aging and wrinkles.

Dr. Prischmann and her advanced practice esthetician understand that researching wrinkle treatment options can be overwhelming. That is why we recommend a consultation to let us help you decide which options are best for you. Please contact us today for more information, or to schedule your consultation.