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Dr. Prischmann Helps WCCO Debunk Medical Myths

Dr PrischmannAs a regular medical contributor for WCCO CBS Minnesota, Dr. Jess Prischmann can often be seen offering tips and advice covering a range of medical topics. Recently, she was featured in a segment on WCCO This Morning aimed at explaining the truth behind some medical myths and misconceptions. In the piece, Dr. Prischmann discusses some myths about Vitamin D.

Going into the winter, many of us can experience Vitamin D deficiencies because we see less sunlight during this time of year. For some people, having low levels of Vitamin D can lead to feelings of depression, and it has been linked to other medical issues, as well. To help avoid these problems, Dr. Prischmann explains different ways in which we can get our daily value of Vitamin D. She addresses what types of foods can help fulfill our daily needs, and debunks some of the falsehoods about how much of certain foods we need to consume in order to get our recommended daily amount. She also notes that even in the warmer seasons, many of us protect ourselves from the sun, so alternative ways to get your daily value can be beneficial year-round. Click here to view the two video clips of Dr. Prischmann on WCCO This Morning.

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