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When Can I Go Out in Public Again after Facelift Surgery?

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Patients often ask about the recovery period following facelift surgery. The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the extent of surgery and speed of healing.

Prior to surgery, we focus on optimizing your health and minimizing the likelihood of anything that could delay recovery. We implement protocols that reduce the chance of excessive bruising and infection. From a patient’s perspective, it is important to inform Dr. Prischmann if you have ever had a history of bleeding or hematoma following surgery. We also want to know if you—or any of your close contacts—have ever had a skin infection called “MRSA.”

Once you are optimized for surgery, Dr. Prischmann takes great care during the procedure to ensure a quick recovery.

If everything goes as planned—as it almost always does—we anticipate that you will feel comfortable going out in public in about 10 to 14 days. At day 10, you will get a complimentary makeup instruction to teach you how to camouflage any residual bruising. It is normal, however, to feel self-conscious at this stage, as your scars will still be fading and the area around your ears and neck will still feel partially numb.

Most patients return to work two weeks following facelift surgery. Three weeks following surgery, we anticipate that you will feel confident about your appearance.

If you have a major life event or vacation planned, it is a good idea to anticipate 4 to 6 weeks for recovery.

Most patients do extremely well following facelift surgery. Dr. Prischmann will evaluate your unique medical needs and spend the time with you to answer all of your questions.

Jess Prischmann, MD