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Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon Details Typical Costs, Benefits, and Risks of Rhinoplasty

Dr. Jess Prischmann discusses the potential cost of nose surgery and the contributing factors that can modify the price, also touching upon the common risks and benefits of the procedure.

Minneapolis, MN—All major surgeries, including rhinoplasty, have the potential of risks and complications. One of the best ways for a patient to avoid complications is to establish a solid relationship with his or her facial plastic surgeon, explains Dr. Jess Prischmann, a facial plastic surgeon in Minneapolis. She feels that the process of “informed consent” prior to any surgery is the foundation of a strong relationship between a patient and surgeon.

Prior to surgery, patients often perform thorough research on the accomplishments, education, and experience of the selected facial plastic surgeon. Surgeons, Dr. Prischmann believes, should also perform the same level of fact-finding for their patients. She says this means listening to their concerns, performing a thorough examination, and demonstrating what can and cannot be achieved with rhinoplasty. Only with preparedness, honesty and transparency, she explains, can a person make a well-informed decision.

Two of the most commonly asked questions about nose surgery are, “How much does rhinoplasty cost?” and “What are the risks associated with nose surgery?”, Dr. Prischmann states. The price of nasal surgery can range dramatically depending on a number of factors, including the surgeon’s level of experience, the geographic area in which the surgery will be performed, and other details. Additionally, she says that price quotes may or may not include the entire cost, such as surgical facility fees and anesthesia fees. She urges individuals to verify what is included when comparing prices among practices.

As for risks, Dr. Prischmann confirms that the likelihood of complications usually is low, though there are ways for patients to help reduce the possibility of problems. She says the most common grievance may be dissatisfaction with the cosmetic outcome, which individuals can help to avoid by selecting a facial plastic surgeon that customizes treatment to suit their anatomic needs and listens attentively to their unique aesthetic goals.

Ultimately, Dr. Prischmann believes that rhinoplasty, though a major surgery, can offer a number of benefits for patients seeking to improve the shape, symmetry, and function of the nose. Reducing the risk of complications is important, she emphasizes, and choosing a highly qualified and extensively trained facial plastic surgeon can help to optimize the safety and outcome of the procedure.

About Jess Prischmann, MD

Certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as head and neck surgery (otolaryngology), Dr. Prischmann is currently the only female facial plastic surgeon practicing in the Minneapolis area. At the age of 19 she completed her undergraduate degree from Boston University, and by the age of 23 she earned her medical degree from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. Following graduation she completed residencies in otolaryngology and general surgery at the Mayo Clinic. She also undertook additional training in Indianapolis, where she participated in a fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. She is available for interview upon request.

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