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What is Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH, is a skin condition in which your skin leaves brown marks at the site of trauma. The trauma could be major (a cut, scrape, or burn), or minor (an acne spot, a mosquito bite). PIH can also arise in areas of chronic skin picking.

How can you tell if you have PIH? If it takes time for brown marks to go away after skin irritation or trauma, then you can feel pretty confident that you have PIH.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for PIH. The best treatment is prevention. In other words, avoiding any type of trauma to your skin will eliminate the fuel that ignites the process.

If your skin is prone to PIH, it is really important that you tell your skin care provider. This can prevent any unintended complications. PIH can often—but not always—be treated with time and lightening creams.

If you have any questions about PIH or would like a skin care plan that would be safe for skin prone to PIH, please schedule your consultation today!

Amy Nelson, Licensed Aesthetician