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Dr. Prischmann Featured as Expert Contributor for Angie’s List

angies_list_logoAngie’s List, a popular customer review website, utilizes Expert Contributors to help educate readers on a variety of topics. In a recent article, our experienced facial plastic surgeon, Jess Prischmann, MD, had the opportunity to expound upon a subject that can often cause a great deal of confusion for many patients: health insurance benefits. Using practical examples and straightforward language, Dr. Prischmann helps to bring illumination to this often perplexing topic.

In the post, Dr. Prischmann admits the number and variety of insurance carriers and types of coverage available can easily lead to confusion for both patients and medical providers. Seeking to create a simple, transparent resource on insurance coverage basics, she describes four simple questions individuals should ask when discussing their plan coverage. To help clarify industry specific language, she explains some of the most common terms used in health insurance, including deductible, explanation of benefits (EOB), and out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, she also offers common examples of typical coverage policies before providing a useful, everyday model to better illustrate her explanations.

Patient education has always been a top priority for Dr. Prischmann. She feels honored to have participated as an Expert Contributor for Angie’s List on such an important topic and looks forward to continuing to provide comprehensive information to her patients.

If you have questions about your medical coverage with regard to our facial plastic surgery services, or if you wish to schedule a consultation with Dr. Prischmann, please contact us today.