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KYBELLA™ is indicated for permanent fat removal under the chin.

Because it was just released to a small number of doctors, you will be among the first patients in the general public to get this novel treatment. In our own experience, we have found this treatment to be comfortable and very well tolerated by our patients.

What differentiates our practice from other providers is our extreme attention to every detail. We have incorporated our own modifications to the treatment protocols to ensure the very best results. In addition, we recognize that this is a new treatment, and are focused on SAFETY as well as exceptional results.

There are a couple of things I would like for you to know:

  1. You will likely require between 2 and 6 monthly treatment sessions. During your consultation, we will help you predict the total cost of the treatment. We will try to make it affordable for you. We can also talk to you about surgical options… and please know that we will only recommend KYBELLA™ if it is a good option for you and your anatomy.
  2. Please shave two hours prior to your treatment (for men only).
  3. Please take 600 mg of ibuprofen one hour before your treatment.
  4. It is okay to exercise 24 hours after the treatment.
  5. Your treatment will be done under topical anesthesia. You may have some mild “burning” discomfort for about 15 minutes after the injection. This is very tolerable and we will provide you with a cooling air treatment to minimize the discomfort. You may then experience some side effects from the injections (swelling, bruising, tenderness). These side effects are expected to improve within one week. There were some patients in the study who had tenderness that lasted beyond one week.
  6. Patients have told me that one long-term side effect is numbness in the injection area. This side effect can last for several weeks. On one hand, it is advantageous because it makes subsequent treatment sessions more tolerable. On the other hand, you will have to be very careful when shaving in this area.
  7. You will have access to my cell phone number. Please call me if you have any questions or are experiencing anything unusual.
  8. And finally, please know that this treatment demonstrated a good safety profile and efficacy during the clinical studies. However, all patients are unique, and there is a possibility that you will not get the result you desire. This is a risk with all minimally-invasive treatments. Additionally, since you are among the first patients in the general public to receive this treatment, there may be additional risks that we discover during the next few years that were not discovered during the clinical trial stage.

I look forward to taking care of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jess Prischmann, M.D.


If you have questions about KYBELLA™, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with our facial plastic surgeon to find out if this procedure is right for your needs, please contact us today.